Mother’s Day Without my Mom

This is my first Mother's Day without my Mom. We never did much for Mother's Day, not because we didn't love her, far from it, but just because both my Mom and Dad never made a big deal about holidays like these. However, we would usually get her a card or something nice. I do... Continue Reading →

What is Love?

Hey y'all! Today, I want to talk about love. Love is so often associated with that happy, warm fuzzy joyful feeling that you get around friends and family. We think love is some sort of give and take that causes us to be happy in another persons presence. But as soon as something goes awry... Continue Reading →

Suffering, Shalom, Joy

Hey, y'all! So life has been quite crazy this past month, and quite a trial. So, amidst this suffering that I am going through, I want to share about three words that have been on my heart lately. These words are suffering, shalom, and joy. I won't talk about all three right now, but I... Continue Reading →

A Prayer From an Outsider

Hey y'all! I know that teenagers often feel heartbreak, hurt, and loneliness. The sting of those can cut like a knife, sometimes leaving you helpless. Today, I felt the sting of loneliness and hurt more than I have in ages. I felt confused by a small betrayal, something I haven't really experienced before, and with... Continue Reading →

When I See the Stars

found this pic on Pinterest SO PRETTY!! Go. Go outside and look up into the sky. Be still for a minute, and whether you are in the country or the city just look. Whether it's nighttime or sunny it is absolutely breathtaking. I absolutely love to go out on a cold, clear winter night and... Continue Reading →

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