It’s Summertime Y’all!

Ice Cream, frozen coffee, sweet tea, beach days, warm afternoon, lazy days, book releases! SUMMER IS FINALLY HERE Y'ALL! So in celebration of the arrival of summer I want to share with y'all my summer reading list! So my school FINALLY ended last week! So now I am coming up with things to fill the... Continue Reading →


A Huge and Exciting Announcement!

  Hey Y'all!! So I am in total fangirl mode right now! See I was just minding my own business, checking Facebook, when I saw this beauty (the picture above) staring at me through my screen on Marissa Meyer's page!! AHHHHHH!!!!! Amazing right?!?!?! As soon as I saw it I of course fangirled over it,... Continue Reading →

The Heart’s Appeal Book Review!

Hey Ya'll!! I know I haven't been writing much lately and that is because I have had SO MUCH SCHOOL lately with the end of year looming in the distance. So, school is almost out and then I hope to start blogging more consistently, building my blog, etc.. Because of all the school, I haven't... Continue Reading →

Ready Player One Review

Hey y'all!! Sorry I haven't been writing lately, school has been CRAZY!! But anyway I'm here now with a brand new review!! So this book Ready Player One by Ernest Cline was just released as a movie on Thursday so I figured that I would share my thoughts on the book! This review will actually be... Continue Reading →

Spring Reading!!

Hey ya'll!! I don't know about anywhere else right now, but here in South Carolina Spring has sprung. I know for many that means it's time to do some Spring cleaning, but for me it means time to do some Spring reading!! One of my favorite things to do is curl up with a good... Continue Reading →

Special Valentines Day Mini Reviews

Happy Valentines Day everyone!! Now I don't really celebrate Valentines Day but I do celebrate the day after Valentines Day which I like to call SUPER CHEAP CHOCOLATE DAY!! Now that is my kinda holiday! Anyway since it is Valentines Day I thought that I would do some mini reviews on some of my favorite... Continue Reading →


Okay, so this is TOTALLY random but this book Caraval by Stephanie Garber has been on my mind lately for some reason (probably because I love it and it is so beautiful) and so I have started to re-read parts of it and I thought, hey! Why not blog about it! So here I am, blogging about... Continue Reading →

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