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So “about me” hmmm let’s see………well I guess I’ll start at the beginning (you know it’s a very good place to start) anyway so my name is Jessie! As you may have already picked up by the name of this blog I am a quirky and awkward person! I live in South Carolina with my family whom I love dearly. I am a homeschooled high-schooler as well. I also am in musical theater, which I love!! I wanted to start this blog to talk about books mostly, and to vent my feelings about them because I LOVE BOOKS but they also can crush my soul so ya know! I might talk about like movies or shows and stuff because I also love that kinda thing. Soo…yeah haha. Also fair warnin my grammar ain’t that good so sorry bout that (okay then I was trying to be bad but I am not that great at it, especially punctuation, but I’m working on it so bear with me haha)

So I’ve already mentioned some things that I like or enjoy like books, shows, and movies but I haven’t said what type of books and such I like! I also enjoy a lot more than those things. Now the types of books I like are fiction type of stuff including fantasy, dystopian books, and historical-fiction! That is mostly what I read. I also adore a good hardcover they are just so beautiful. I am in love with several fandoms like Divergent, Lunar Chronicles, Percy Jackson, and Narnia! With movies and shows I love Lord of the Rings (haven’t heard of this or seen in? GO WATCH IT IT IS WORTH EVERY HOUR and there are a lot of hours), Star Wars, Marvel, DISNEY, The Greatest Showman (like literally this one is sooo good go see it, right now), Merlin, Doctor Who, and Victoria. I also love musicals like Anastasia, Dear Evan Hansen, (go look up Anastasia and DEH right now and listen to the BEAUTIFUL music, you can thank me later) Les Miserables, and Phantom of the Opera! I LOVE chocolate like really good dark chocolate..man it’s making me hungry just thinking about it haha! I like doing crafty type things too like sewing and knitting. I ADORE my little nephew!! But most of all I LOVE Jesus Christ my wonderful Lord and Savior.

So there you have it folks! Thanks for reading!


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