The World Wide Web

Hey Y’all!! Big announcement today so let’s get on with it!

Drumroll please……………………


YAY!!! Here have some confetti! Yes my friends you can now keep up will all my Perfectly Quirky pins and TBR books!!

So Please, Please follow and friend me it would mean so much to me!

Remember when I talked about wanting to expand and build my blog? Well here is a big step in that direction! With Pinterest you can follow all my bookish and random pins, many will be relating to this blog so you can stay up to date with all the latest happenings! With Goodreads you can get even MORE books suggestions, reviews, etc.! You can also see what I’m currently reading or want to read!

Thank you guys SO, SO much for following and reading this blog it has been such a fun experience connecting with you all! I also hope that you will enjoy these new platforms that Perfectly Quirky has entered and continue to follow me!

Here is the link for my Pinterest  profile:

Here is the link for my Goodreads profile:

Thank y’all again SO much and have a great day!!


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