When Twilight Breaks Book Review

Hey y'all. Today I am reviewing Sara Sundin's new historical fiction book, When Twilight Breaks. It takes place in Germany in 1938 and follows a young woman reporter and graduate student. This book was a pleasant, comfy historical fiction. It followed in the true style of Sarah Sundin and felt very familiar because of it.... Continue Reading →

The Hope we have in Christ will Conquer every Fear

Hey, y'all! Today marks the one year anniversary of my Mom going to be with Jesus. While technically that day is on Tuesday, we think that Sunday is a more fitting day to judge that anniversary. I wanted to write something, but as I sat down, the words wouldn't come. I don't know how to... Continue Reading →

No Ordinary Introduction

Hey, y'all! Today I want to introduce you to an extraordinary new blogger! This is no run of the mill blogger; this is my very own sister! That's right, the girl who wrote the hilarious piece of flash fiction A Memoir to a Fallen Friend has created a blog! My sister is seriously the funniest... Continue Reading →

On to Neverland!

Hey, y'all! Today I am bringing to your attention a truly magical story. Dust, by Kara Swanson, is a lovely little book. It is a retelling, or you could call it a sequel, to the classic story of the roguish pixie boy we all know and love, Peter Pan. So, get your pixie dust out because we're... Continue Reading →

Mother’s Day Without my Mom

This is my first Mother's Day without my Mom. We never did much for Mother's Day, not because we didn't love her, far from it, but just because both my Mom and Dad never made a big deal about holidays like these. However, we would usually get her a card or something nice. I do... Continue Reading →

the girl who shone like a star

Hey y'all! I have a super random post for y'all today haha. I wanted to try writing some flash fiction but it really turned into more of a poem/story type thing but I thought I would share it with y'all! It's not perfect but I hope you enjoy it! Let me know what you think!... Continue Reading →

Introductions Part 2

*found this pic on pinterest Hey y'all! So last week I introduced you to Emerson over at Gratifying Life of Grace and so here I am introducing you to another great new blogger! Today you're going to get to meet Jenna over at simple loveliness! Jenna has such a fantastic and super cute blog; you... Continue Reading →

Let me Introduce you……

*found this pic on Pinterest Hey, y'all! So with this whole quarantine thing, there have been a lot more people reading and writing, which I think is terrific! I've even had a couple of friends join the blogosphere because of it. So, because we all need some more fun content to read and bloggers to... Continue Reading →

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