Three Days Three Favorites Pt 3-Musicals

Hey y'all! Thank you for joining me for the third and final day in the three days and favorites posts! So today I am going to share my top three favorite MUSICALS!! I LOVE music and musicals, and am a big theatre nerd. So I'm super excited to share my top 3! Bandstand OK WOW!... Continue Reading →


Three Days Three Favorites Pt 2-Authors

Hey y'all! I hope you enjoyed my last post because I'm doing it again! So today I am sharing my top favorite authors! Yay! So let's get on to the fun stuff! Author: Nadine Brandes So just this summer I started reading her books, AND I LOVE THEM SO MUCH! Fawkes, the first one, I... Continue Reading →

Three Days Three Favorites

Hey y'all! So today I am doing a very random post, but I think it will be fun! So recently I noticed a trend that whenever someone would ask me what my favorite something is, I would have to give them my three favorites because I couldn't narrow it down to just ONE! So as... Continue Reading →

Midnight’s Curse Blog Tour

Hey y'all! So today I am apart of a super fun blog tour for one of my favorite authors Tricia Mingerink! Her new book is Midnight's Curse. Here is my review and all the info on her new book and fun stuff!! Welcome to the blog tour for Midnight's Curse, book two in the Beyond... Continue Reading →

To Be Read Summer 2019

Hey y'all! Ok, so today I'm going to talk about something really, really scary. The DREADED TBR!!!!! AHHHHHH *gasps in horror* I know, it's super scary. I'm sorry I put you through that emotional trauma of even thinking about it. Ok, maybe I'm not that sorry because today I am going to crawl out from... Continue Reading →


Hey y'all!! Guess who's back? Oh, yes it is I! QUESTION! How do you like the updated look of the blog, and the new cover photo?? I personally LOVE IT! However, I am sad that you don't get the full view of that cover photo, it is much bigger and cooler. I literally spent HOURS... Continue Reading →


I received this book in return for an honest review Hey y'all! So today I am reviewing this book called Wooing Cadie Mcaffrey by Bethany Turner. Hope you enjoy this review. Here is the blurb: "After four years with her boyfriend, Cadie McCaffrey is thinking of ending things. Convinced Will doesn't love her in the... Continue Reading →


Hey y'all! It's been awhile! It's been a SUPER crazy week so I honestly don't have enough brain power to go into a long post, but I made a commitment to help promote this GORGEOUS cover and AMAZING book!! So here it is! I read the first book and thought was AMAZING! It was very... Continue Reading →

A Prayer From an Outsider

Hey y'all! I know that teenagers often feel heartbreak, hurt, and loneliness. The sting of those can cut like a knife, sometimes leaving you helpless. Today, I felt the sting of loneliness and hurt more than I have in ages. I felt confused by a small betrayal, something I haven't really experienced before, and with... Continue Reading →

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