My Dearest Brothers and Sisters

Hey y'all. Today I want to share something that has been on my heart for a very long time. Today I want to challenge and encourage you, my fellow brother or sister in Christ. I especially want to speak to you, my fellow teen. I just want to have a nice conversation with you my... Continue Reading →


When I See the Stars

found this pic on Pinterest SO PRETTY!! Go. Go outside and look up into the sky. Be still for a minute, and whether you are in the country or the city just look. Whether it's nighttime or sunny it is absolutely breathtaking. I absolutely love to go out on a cold, clear winter night and... Continue Reading →

I’m Back!!!

Hey ya'll! Guess who is finally back! Yep it's me! So I'm finally about to get some more time and I plan on using that time to start blogging more! I really want to get more serious about blogging so I'd love some feedback; what do you want to see from this, or not see?... Continue Reading →

The Boys are Back!

                                                            Found this cover for Bandstand on PinterestHey y'all!! So today y'all are in for a special treat! Now I know that all my previous posts... Continue Reading →

It’s Finally HERE!!!

Hey Ya'll! So I'm FINALLY here for a review that I'm sure y'all have been HIGHLY anticipating (okay, maybe I'm the one who has been highly anticipating it but that's beside the point)! Ready??? Okay, here it is, a LEGENDARY BOOK REVIEW!!!! YAY!!!! Are you bursting with excitement yet? Okay, okay, I know, all that... Continue Reading →

The World Wide Web

Hey Y'all!! Big announcement today so let's get on with it! Drumroll please........................ I AM NOW ON GOODREADS AND PINTEREST!!! YAY!!! Here have some confetti! Yes my friends you can now keep up will all my Perfectly Quirky pins and TBR books!! So Please, Please follow and friend me it would mean so much to... Continue Reading →

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